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Please help Surfbreak Protection challenge the impending destruction of Mangamaunu surf break North of Kaikoura. NCTIR, the alliance rebuilding State Highway One and the main trunk line after the November 2016 earthquake is misusing the emergency legislation to reopen the road / rail network, in order to construct a seawall to protect a new cycleway and a new car park (supposedly for the benefit of surfers), which by the admission of NCTIR’s own technical documents, is likely to damage the Mangamaunu Point Surf break.

The emergency legislation which these consents have been issued under does not allow consultation or legal challenge that such works would receive under normal Resource Management Act process.

The Surfbreak Protection Society is seeking opinion under other legal avenues available such as judicial review, injunction, and existing case law. but we need your help.

Mangamaunu Surf break is one of 17 listed surf breaks in schedule one of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement and as a nationally significant Outstanding Natural Feature, Mangamaunu has the same level of protection as the conservation lands under threat from the Ruataniwha dam or Te Mata Peak in Hawkes Bay.

Your donation will help Surfbreak Protection secure legal challenge to protect this world-class surf break for future generations.

The funds will be used on providing legal expertise (and the science to back up these points of law), for the purpose of preserving the nationally significant surf break, Mangamaunu.

Help by going to the Givealittle page and donating.

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