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How has your summer of waves been so far?
They’ve been fun, pretty crowded but I’ve been finding some waves between the tides on the points and surfing the beaches whenever I can.

What has been the highlight of the year to date?
It’d have to be winning Nationals at the start of the year. The waves were pumping and I had a good heat in the final with some good friends.

You snatched a close win in the Billabong Grom Series over Jack Lee. How do those close rivalries push your surfing?
They definitely push my surfing a lot. I surf with Jack almost every day with the Raglan Surf Academy. Jack and a few others that I surf with make me want to surf that much better as I watch them go big.

You have competed in a few WSL Pro Junior events, do you plan on doing a few more this year?
Yeah, I did a few last year, it was a really good experience to match up against some of the top juniors in the world. It was quite expensive though. This year I’ve decided not to do any and save money for QS’s in the future. My main focus is to improve my surfing and compete in the Surfing NZ Open and Junior events.

Give us some of your SunSmart tips.
When I’m doing a big day of surfing I make sure that I’m drinking a heap of water and I apply sunblock before I head out. If I’m at surf comps in the sun all day I make sure to wear a hat and find shade where I can.

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