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Elliot Brown SIC2016MS 1

Full Name: Elliott Patterson – Brown
Nickname: Elliott
Date of birth: 07/05/2000
Hometown: Dunedin
Ethnicity: European
Height: 171cm
Stance: Goofy
Board length range: 5’7”- 5’9”
Shaper: Lost Surfboards NZ – Tommy Dalton
Sponsors: Billabong, Kustom Footwear, Von Zipper, FCS, Gorilla, Hydro Surf
Surfing since: 2010
How did you start surfing: Out at the scenic local beachbreak of the time – Allans Beach. No one was ever out and I would just try to surf and stand up near the shore.
Surfing competitively since: 2013
Competition strategy: Get waves is a big one for me!
Career highlight: Winning U18 Nationals 2016!
Ambitions: Enjoy myself and be the best I can at surfing
Main surf breaks you surf: St Clair and St Kilda Beach
Favourite surf break: Allans Beach – nothing like that wild beach I grew up on!
Other interests: Guitar
Surfing heroes: Ricardo Christie, Occy, Andy Irons
Life heroes: Batman
Favourite food: Vegemite on toast­
Favourite moves: Forehand carves

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