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Results from the Hirepool Kaikoura Classic held at Meatworks over Queens Birthday Weekend (2-4 June)

Hirepool OPEN MENS

1st, Levi O’Connor, Kaikoura, 19.50 pts

2nd, Rodney Somogyvari, ChCh, 15.53 pts

3rd, Lee Ririnui, Mount, 14.83 pts

4th, Jai Earnshaw, West Coast, 14.43 pts

1st, Anna Hawes, Westport, 12.37 pts

2nd, Tash Civil, Dunedin, 10.80 pts

3rd, Britt Kindred, Dunedin, 10.43 pts

4th, Janee Armstrong, ChCh, 7.07 pts
Coastal Sports Junior

1st, Harrison Whiteside, ChCh, 14.13 pts

2nd, Myka Black, ChCh, 10.60 pts

3rd, Nick Tuhikarama, ChCh, 10.10 pts

4th, Henry Hawke, ChCh, 9.40 pts


1st, Britt Kindred, Dunedin, 11.33 pts

2nd, Estella Hungerford, Chch, 9.87 pts

3rd, Ava Henderson, Chch, 5.03 pts

4th, Eve Findlay, Greymouth, 2 pts


Spraymarks CADETS

1st, Lee Ririnui, Mount, 16.10 pts

2nd, Connor McLennan, ChCh, 12.23 pts

3rd, Ruben Peyroux, Dunedin, 9.43 pts

4th, Elliot Brown, Dunedin, 9.20 pts


Abseil Access SENIORS
1st, Anthony Hema, Westport, 13.53 pts

2nd, Rodney Somogyvari, ChCh, 11.93 pts

3rd, Luca Brunotti, ChCh, 11.93 pts

4th, Ben Rees, ChCh, 5.00 pts
Boardsilly NZ MASTERS

1st, Damian Phillips, Dunedin, 12.03 pts

2nd, Anthony Hema, Westport, 11.30 pts

3rd, Alan Temoananui, Kaikoura, 7.87 pts

4th, Craig Grimshaw, Kaikoura, 5.83 pts


1st, Richard Baxter, Kaikoura, 12.50 pts

2nd, Dean Jeffrey, ChCh, 10.57 pts

3rd, Aaron Surgenor, Kaikoura, 10.53 pts

4th, Patch Bonner, ChCh, 4.6 pts


1st, Hugh Ritchie, ChCh, 11.93 pts

2nd, William Wallace, ChCh, 10.83 pts

3rd, Henry Hawke, ChCh, 8.10 pts

4th, Aaron Surgenor, Kaikoura, 7.22 pts

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