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Full Name: Kea Smith
Nickname: Maria, Kea Bear
Date of birth: 27/07/2000
Hometown: Tauranga
Ethnicity: Maori
Height: 1.65m
Stance: Natural
Board length range: Between 5’7″ and 5’8″
Shaper: Andy Jordan
Sponsors: Andy Jordan, Creatures of Leisure, Future Fins, Stomp Surf Wax, SPEE Training, Smith Optics, Ngamanawa, Tainui, Iwi o Tauranga Moana
Surfing since: 8 Years old
How did you start surfing: With my Whanau, Dad, sisters, cousins, uncles & Koros
Surfing competitively since: About 10
Competition strategy: To just try and give my best in 20 minutes
Career highlight: Winning two National Titles at 2015 NZ National Surfing Championships
Ambitions: To live life
Main surf breaks you surf: Arataki, Omanu, Mt Maunganui Main
Favourite surf break: I don’t have a favourite but when somewhere is pumping, that’s when it becomes my favourite for that day
Other interests: Netball, Waka Ama
Surfing heroes: The Hawaiians and Brazo’s
Life heroes: My Mum and Dad
Favourite food: Anything my Mum cooks me
Favourite moves: Anything I can manage topull off is a goodie

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