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NZL Manu Scott Arrieta 1 Full Name: Manu Scott-Arrieta
Munz, Munza
Date of birth: 
5th January 1998
Sandy Bay
Kiwi, Basque
Stance: Natural
Board length range: T
wo 5’9s and a 5’7
 Tribal Surfboards
Sponsors: N
Surfing since: 
How did you start surfing: 
At first I started standing up on a boggie board then Mum and Dad got me and my brother our first surfboards for Christmas and we were hooked ever since. 
Surfing competitively since: T
hink i was around 9 or 10.
Competition strategy: 
Just keep relaxed and wait for the better waves to come through.
Career highlight: 
Representing New Zealand in 2014,2015 and 2016 in the New Zealand Junior Surfing Team.
Get my name out there and get paid to surf.
Main surf breaks you surf: 
Sandy Bay is the local.
Favourite surf break: Gunters.
Other interests: 
Fishing, Diving, skating.
Surfing heroes: 
John John Florence, Dusty Payne.            
Life heroes: P
arents and brother. 
Favourite food: B
eef schnitzel.
Favourite moves: 
Barrels and power hacks

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