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Near perfect conditions greeted surfers for the 2nd event of the Northland Scholastics Surfing Series. The event was held at Sandy Bay on Thursday 5th April and clean 1.0-1.5m waves broke all day with clean offshore winds and perfect tides.

Across all the age divisions judges and spectators were pleased to see high performance surfing, especially in the Under 16 and Under 18 Boys Divisions.

The older boys showed progressive surfing too with Max Brunker, Tom Norton and Tom Robinson all completing air reverse manoeuvres during their heats.

Please see below Official Results: NSSS2 – Sandy Bay 2018

U14 Girls
1st Sky Gundry (KKHS) 8.4
2nd Trinity Smith (ROD) 6.8
3rd Pipi Johnson Phillips (KKHS) 6.1
4th Arlia Gray (WGHS) Inj

U16 Girls
1st Ely Backhouse (BBC) 12.7
2nd Kayla Carter (BBC) 6.7
3rd Brydie Harrison (KTA) 4.4
4th Laura Lamauric (KTA) 1.0

U18 Girls
1st Grace Pevats (WGHS) 6.2

U14 Boys
1st Tama Kauwhata (COR) 14.0
2nd Tai Erceg-Gray (WBHS) 8.8
3rd Ben Moretti (COR) 7.8
4th Ari D’Anvers (WBHS) 4.0

U16 Boys
1st Tom Robinson (WBHS) 11.7
2nd Taj Broughton (KTA) 7.7
3rd Oscar Harper (WBHS) 6.6
4th Thomas Charlesworth (POMP) 5.0

U18 Boys
1st Max Brunker (WBHS) 12.5
2nd Tom Norton (BBC) 10.2
3rd Max Thomas (WBHS) 5.3
4th Ben Springford (WBHS) 3.7

1st Billy Wheelan (ROD) 11.4
2nd Ben Moretti (COR) 9.0
3rd Corey Vercoe (ROD) 7.4
4th Lochie Espiner (WBHS) 6.0

Third and final event on Thursday 17th May. Venue TBC

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