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Fresh back from competing in Chile, Raglan surfer Billy Stairmand journeyed down to the O’Neill Kaikoura Cold Water Classic held during Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

After a frustrating, weather-delayed start to the event, Stairmand claimed the Open Men’s Division held in pumping 1.5m plus waves at Kahutara, south of Kaikoura.

It had been four years since the event was last held at the break and Stairmand took to the righthand pointbreak saving his best performance until last.  In the final, he posted an 18.4 point heat total for the win defeating local Levi O’Connor who finished runner-up with Ryan Hawker (Chch) in third and Taylor Hutchison (Rag) in fourth.

The Open Women’s Division was claimed by 17-year-old Estella Hungerford (Chch) in convincing fashion, the young goofy foot surfing to a 14.9 point heat total.  Alethea Lock made a comeback for the event finishing runner-up with Anna Hawes in third and Brook Frew (Chch) in fourth.

North Wai made a comeback in the club rankings with wins to Ava Henderson (Under 20 and 16), Myka Black (Under 16) and Donna Henderson (Longboard) but it was not enough to take the overall title away from South Coast for a second straight year thanks to a win from Tash Civil in the Senior Women’s plus several other finals placings.

Local Kaikoura surfers Aaron Surgenor and Richard Baxter won the Longboard and Grandmasters respectively while Thomas Harcourt won the Under 20 Boys Division.

Open Men’s Division
Billy Stairmand RPB, 18.4, 1, Levi O’Connor KBR, 12.9, 2, Ryan Hawker NML, 10.6, 3, Taylor Hutchison RPB, 10.1, 4

Open Women’s Division
Estella Hungerford, 14.9, 1, Alethea Lock, 9.6, Anna Hawes, 6.07, 3, Brook Frew, 1.17, 4

Men’s Longboard Division
Aaron Surgenor, 11.5, 1, Nick Black, 9.4, 2, Marcas Langman, 3.6, 3, Aiden Bonish, 2.8, 4

Women’s Longboard Division
Donna Henderson, 9.8, 1, Anna Hawes, 6.9, 2, Lauren Soper, 1.58, 3, Bronwyn Ashby – withdrew,  , 0

Under 20 Boys Division
Thomas Harcourt NBR, 14.6, 1, Conor McLennan, 12.6, 2, Neko Tohiariki NW, 10.9, 3, Koby Cameron, 5.6, 4

Under 20 Girls Division
Ava Henderson NW, 12.9, 1, Tegan Bishop NW, 12.2, 2, Anika Ayson SC, 7.4, 3, Lydia Hawes BBR, 4.4, 4

Under 16 Boys Division
Myka Black NW, 13.8, 1, Reuben Lyons KSG, 10.8, 2, James Millar NW, 10.7, 3, Koby Cameron NS, 4.3, 4

Under 20 Girls Division
Ava Henderson, 11.9, 1, Anika Ayson, 6.1, 2, Amelie Wink, 5.6, 3, Jaya Reardon, 5.2, 4

Senior Women’s Division
Tash Civil SC, 11, 1, Ang Reardon SC, 4.23, 2, Lucy Te Moananui KBR, 3.6, 3, Pana Leontiadu BBR, 3.5, 4

Senior Men’s Division
Stephen Lee BBR, 10.1, 1, Jamie Civil SC, 8.9, 2, Dane Robertson SC, 7.6, 3, Josh Thickpenny SC, 7.23, 4

Grandmasters Division
Richard Baxter, 14.3, 1, Aaron Surgenor, 10.3, 2, Dave Lyons, 10.2, 3, Jamie Gordan, 10.1, 4

Stand Up Paddleboard Division
Al Te Moananui, 13.3, 1, Sam Loader, 10.9, 2, Amelie Wink, 4.5, 3, Lucy Te Moananui, 3.5, 4

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