Surfing New Zealand selects a New Zealand Stand Up Paddleboard and Prone Surfing Team annually.  The team competes at the International Surfing Association (ISA) World SUP and Paddleboard Championship held around the world annually.

The World SUP and Prone Paddleboard Championship is an IOC recognised event which attracts approximately 250 paddlers from over 30 countries.

Paddlers compete for both individual and team medals in several disciplines.

Team Composition
9 Men
9 Women

Competitors Per Discipline:
SUP Surfing: Men (2), and Women (2)
SUP Racing Technical: Men (2), and Women (2)
SUP Racing Distance: Men (2), and Women (2)
SUP Sprint Race: Men (1), and Women (1)
Paddleboard Racing Technical: Men (1), and Women (1)
Paddleboard Racing Distance: Men (1), and Women (1)

ISA Team Paddle Relay:
SUP Racing: Men (1), Women (1)
Paddleboard: Men (1), Women (1)

Selection Criteria
Teams are selected using the Surfing New Zealand Selection Criteria.

Time Frame
The location of the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship is Denmark with the event held 1-10 September.

2017 Results

Sean Hovell (Gis) – SUP Surf (33rd)
Trevor Tunnington (Aus) – SUP Surf, SUP Sprint and SUP Distance (25th, 2nd and 10th)
Stella Smith (Gis) – SUP Surf Women’s (7th)
Lucy Te Moananui (Kaikoura) – SUP Surf Women’s (13th)
Olly Houghton (Auck) – SUP Technical Race (9th)
Marcus Hansen (Whangarei) – SUP Technical Race and SUP Distance Race (8th and 11th)
Annabel Anderson (Wanaka) – SUP Distance Race, Technical Race and Sprint Race (1st, 1st and 9th)
Penelope Strickland (Auckland) – SUP Distance and Technical Race (17th and 12th)
Sam Shergold (Mount Maunganui) – Paddleboard Distance Race and Technical Race (2nd and 2nd)
Jasmine Smith (Gis) – Paddleboard Technical Race (2nd)

Jessica Miller (Gold Coast) – Prone Paddleboard Distance Race (2nd)
Relay – 3rd

Past New Zealand Results

New Zealand has been represented at ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship since it’s inception.  The most recent results of the New Zealand Team are as follows:

2017 – 3rd
2016 – 3rd
2015 – 4th
2014 – 10th
2013 – 17th
2012 – 15th

Team Photos

Further Information
Further information on this event can be viewed by visiting the ISA website.

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